About Annie

How It All Began

Annie is a qualified and highly experienced psychotherapist, who specialises in the treatment of illness caused by dysfunctional breathing.

Annie studied dysfunctional breathing with Dr Claude Lum, a renowned pioneer in the research and treatment of Chronic Habitual Hyperventilation Syndrome, which is caused entirely through incorrect breathing.

As a singer, Annie was on the professional stage for many years. She then moved into the world of speech writing for stage, sport and business personalities. Very soon, her infectious passion for life and people took her back on ‘the boards’ entertaining and educating audiences with her unique blend of message, motivation and mirth ….. Entertrainment.

Now, Annie’s innate abilities, qualifications, skills and experience as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, Master Neuro Linguistic practitioner and specialist in dysfunctional breathing, equip her as one of the country’s top performance consultants.

Never one for ‘following the trend’ Annie has developed her own rapid techniques and skills that enable people to rapidly:

  • perform to the height of their ability
  • overcome stage fright, fears and phobias
  • develop confidence and empower themselves
  • quit smoking
  • eliminate panic attacks for ever

With her vast arsenal of skills, knowledge and experience, Annie has earned the enviable reputation as one of the country’s top performance consultants for stage, sport, business and life. Her unique and proven programme for overcoming panic attacks is unmatched.

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